Saturday, February 20, 2010


The idea of this blog came into my mind about 20 minutes ago. For the last 18 minutes I was unsuccessfully trying to create some account login. All of them were already in use. Life's tough.

Hopefully it will have more than one entry...

The idea is to describe so some problems I encountered when writing some piece of software and describe solution (if known) in a short and clear way. These may by various problems, usually already described and explained somewhere else. ( There several billion people in the world. If you have a problem, chances are that someone else in the world had the same problem and found solution. Possibly google knows about it:-) )But this blog is meant to provide short and clear description and solution (if possible), so that you don't have to read pages of some forum discussion to find the answer somewhere in the middle.

Generally the problems will be connected with Java, J2EE, Java Frameworks(Hibernate, Seam), RDBMS, etc.

Maybe the blog will die in about 15 minutes or something like 3 days and will become another abandoned projects in the internet universe :-).

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